Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 is off to a great start!

We have been in school for almost a month now and every day has been full of learning and fun!  Along with getting used to the routines and rules (like sitting in circle time, raising our hands, taking turns to speak, and not coughing and sneezing on each other), we have learned about letters Aa, Bb and Cc. 

We know that when we make a capital "A" we say "mountain slope, mountain slope, eeek".  You might need to ask your child to demonstrate that one.  We also know that letter Aa usually makes a short sound as in "apple, astronaut and animals"  We learned the sounds for letters B and C too.  We sing along with the Heidi Songs DVD to practice our letter sounds.  We practice writing the letters and we look for and SWAT (with flyswatters)  the letters up on the walls during circle time.  Sometimes I  try to fool them by showing the kids a picture that doesn't start with the letter of the week, but they are too smart to be fooled.  We've done the first 3 pages of our ABC book which when completed this spring will come home.

We have started counting out loud all the way to 100!  The kids love dancing to the music while we count.  They also have been counting objects in our centers and have started doing a couple of papers that let them practice seeing the numbers and counting/coloring objects with those numbers. 

The first day of school only a few of them could recognize their names which were written on frogs that had to jump into the pond, but now 3+ weeks in, most of them can tell which frog is theirs.  They also practice their name on laminated name strips and use dry erase markers to follow the dots.  At snack time each of them has a place mat with their name on it so they know where to sit. 

We've done several fun art projects and have been learning/reviewing how to hold scissors and how to use a glue stick and markers.  We've done water color painting, tempera paint, play dough and bingo markers and stamps.  I try to use materials that are washable and have them wear smocks when they are painting, so hopefully you won't have problems getting clothes clean. 

We do lots of singing.  Here are just a few of the songs that we've been working on:
1.  Brave song - sung to Bingo   "If you climb a tree even though it's high, then you are being brave. B-R-A-V-E repeated 3 X , then you are being BRAVE!
2.  The Autumn Song - sung to London Bridges   "Windy Breezes blow around, blow around, blow around, windy breezes blow around in the autumn.  Autumn leaves come tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down, autumn leaves come tumbling down in the autumn.  Take a rake and rake them up, rake them up, rake them up.  Take a rake and rake them up and jump right in."  (Scholastic songs)
3.  If you're happy and you know it
4.  Head, shoulders, knees and toes
5.  Days of the week song - start them with Sunday and listen to them sing.

SCIENCE -  With the change in the season we've been talking a lot about observing things around us.  We've used a magnifying glass to see up close a coconut (for letter C) which we later ate, a giant cucumber from Miss Cindy's garden and multi colored apples which we turned into an apple pie after peeling the apples.  

As you can see our classes are filled with funny, sweet and cute kiddos.  I feel lucky to spend several days a week with them.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Now accepting students for Fall 2019

Image result for little red schoolhouse cartoon

I will be offering classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  My morning class meets from 9:15-11:45 and my afternoon class meets 12:30-3:00.  The classes are a mix of 3 and 4 year old children.  Tuition is $110/month.  If you're interested please contact me at or 208-713-8113.  I can answer questions and arrange a tour if you like.

Field trip to the Boise Co-op

Arriving at the Co-op

They had wonderful samples of fresh fruit for us to try.

 We also visited the meat department where we ate all beef, no nitrate hot dogs that were really good.

Next we visited the cheese section and learned how cheese is made and tried some samples.  Yum!

 At the end of our tour we took a break in the wonderful cafe/kitchen at the Boise Co-op.

Thanks Boise Co-op for helping us learn about eating healthy!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Worksheets - another resource

Many of the worksheets that I use in my preschool come from a website called I subscribe to this website because it has worksheets, games, puzzles and even lesson plans.  They have so many resources for use in the home or in a school setting.  Below is an example:
Feel free to enjoy with your kiddo!  

Monday, September 10, 2018

A new school year!

The new school year has begun and I can tell that it will be a lot of fun!  These cuties are curious, kind and respectful!  Thanks, moms and dads for letting them come share some of their days with me.

Matching upper and lower case letters.

Using playdough to make letters and numbers.

Putting together the ABC's and 123's
Play dough on their heads........for reasons unknown.

Finger painting the "B is for Ball" page of their ABC books.  You'll get to see the completed book in early 2019.
More finger painters.

We cut and glued our B is for BEES!
Matching numbers to the objects.  Good counting guys!

Singing and dancing to our number songs.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Science is fun!

Earlier this week the kids were mixing colors in our water station.  They were figuring out that red + yellow = orange and red+blue = purple and blue + yellow = green.  They also figured out that enough colors added together makes brown. :)

This week we've been working on the letter V sound.  One of the students brought a Voltmeter to class for guessing can which was a huge hit with the morning class.  We colored a V is for Violin page for our ABC book.  I'll be sending these books home before Easter vacation!

We found out that pumice, which is one type of stone that comes from lava, floats!                                   
We used baking soda and red-colored vinegar to simulate a volcanic eruption.  I had the cutest video, but my blog won't let me upload it. :(

Then we made our own volcanoes!
It's been a fun week of exploring!