Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kids say the funniest things

One of the many reasons I love children is the funny things they say. They haven't developed any social filters, so whatever is on their minds, comes right out of their mouths. Just the other day, I was teaching a class of beginner swimmers. I asked them if they could show me their bubbles. One precocious little boy said, "Anything is completely possible". Another time, I was reading a story to a class of kindergarten students. I don't remember what the book was and maybe that explains what happened next since not even I was caught up in the story. One child raised his hand and I thought he wanted to comment on the story, but instead he told me he had lost a tooth the night before. Instantly five other hands flew up and we spent the next 5 minutes talking about ways that loose teeth come out. Sometimes you just have to throw a lesson plan out the window and go with the flow.