The curriculum is based on accepted truths from education experts and on trial and error from being a mom and a teacher to many preschoolers!  :)  Activities will be visual, auditory and kinesthetic so that every child regardless of their learning style can find success.  While we are learning new concepts in reading and math, there will be parts of each day that will be comfortably predictable.  Predictability makes a child feel safe.  That's why your 3 year old wants to read the same book over and over and over.  Tying everything together will be our monthly themes that will encourage your child to make good decisions that will result in a joyful and successful future!

Daily activities – to provide structure and learning

Circle time – Calendar, weather man, pledge of allegiance, prayer, songs, guessing can

Story time – the story is tied into the monthly themes (fictional and historical examples)

Free play time – imaginative play time to be a hero


 Weekly activities – For academic progress and development of small motor skills

One new letter of the alphabet and its sound – reinforced with music, art and games

Pre- math skills – counting, patterns, shapes, measuring, comparisons

Art project – helps with small motor skills and it’s FUN!!    

Monthly themes

September – Courage/New beginnings

October – Creativity/Imagination

November – Gratitude

December – Compassion

January – Self discipline/Responsibility

February – Love/Friendliness

March – Optimism/Joyfulness

April – Honesty/Truthfulness

May – Patience/sharing