Friday, November 12, 2010

Talking points Nov. 9-11

Dear Parents,

This month we're talking about gratitude and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to spend time each week with your children. They are creative, curious, full of enthusiasm, funny and kind! I know as I've raised my own children, it has been wonderful to hear other people tell me good things about them, so I want you all to know what a great job you're doing with your own children. It's obvious they have been loved, guided and taught. Every time we meet, they surprise me with songs, stories and facts that they have learned at home that pertain to the subject we're discussing. So here's to you, the fabulous, committed, loving parents everywhere who sacrifice sleep, money and sometimes a little sanity to raise the next generation.

At preschool we:
  • learned about the sound "V" van, vacuum, vegetables, violin
  • made a turkey from an apple, marshmallows and toothpicks
  • took a "Gratitude Walk"
  • read "My book of Thanks", "Picking Apples and Pumpkins" (a Clifford the big red dog book) and "Grover's book of Cute Baby Animals"
  • baked cookies for snack time
  • played "Hide turkey hide" and "Turkey Strut"
  • learned some Thanksgiving themed finger plays and songs ie. Mr. Turkey, big and fat, I'm going to eat you just like that.
  • learned "The Turkey Dance"
  • ate broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, apples, grapes and pomegranate seeds for snack on Tuesday
Also, the AM class on Thursday did an extra art project which wasn't originally part of the plan. During table time, when they were practicing writing their names and doing puzzles, I was cutting out a few pictures. They noticed and asked for some scrap paper to cut, so I gave them some and they pasted the pieces they cut on to white paper. The end products were wonderful and it reminded me once again that some of the best learning moments are triggered by the childrens' interests. See you next week

Miss Cindy teaches preschool for those in West Boise, Eagle, and Meridian.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Talking points Oct. 26-28

I hope you're enjoying the new pictures on our site! Thanks to Cathy for helping me post them.
Here's what was happening Halloween week:

  • the dress up bucket
  • Halloween walking (like a ghost, wolf, bat etc.)
  • counting seeds from pumpkin guts
  • scare crow dot-to-dot
  • letter "H" sound
  • making bread pudding (measuring, counting ingredients and eating :) YUM)
  • pumpkin painting
  • witches brew
  • eating doughnuts without any hands
  • making ghosts from suckers
  • reading "It looks like spilt milk" and "Eensy weensy spider"
  • Halloween memory game
  • Halloween bingo
Remember this week, we'll meet only on Tuesday since it is Parent-teacher conferences in the Meridian School district and school is out on Thursday and Friday! See you on Tuesday, Nov. 2!!

Miss Cindy uses music and art to teach preschool in Boise, Meridian and Eagle Idaho