Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jumping into learning

We wasted no time and just "jumped" (I know it's cheesy) into learning lots of new things in September.

 Playdough is always a hit!
 Using magnets to write their names!
 Learning to use a mouse on the computer is sometimes a group event!
We started our letters sounds and we usually tie an art project to it.  This is A is for Ark and Animals!
                                            We learned how to use watercolor paints!
We used stickers to practice the shape of letter A
We built with Marbleworks!

 B is for bubbles!
 Learning the shape of things with WikiStix.
 D is for dinosaurs!
 Building words with magnets!
C is for cupcake!

And the 2017 year begins.....

I love the first day of a new school year!  These little ones come excited and sometimes a little nervous to start a new adventure.  It's one of the many reasons I love teaching three to five year old kiddos, because almost EVERYDAY AND EVERYTHING is an adventure to them and I get to see the world through their eyes again!  This is my morning class!

   And this is my afternoon class below.