Thursday, November 29, 2012

November....a time for Gratitude!

 The theme for November is GRATITUDE of course!  We've been practicing saying "please" and "thank you", discussed the things we're grateful for, learned about the Pilgrims and the history of Thanksgiving, had a Thanksgiving feast and we began having centers day each week.

In phonics we learned:
       K is for kite and kitten
       L is for lamb, lion and leaves
       M is for monkey, mouse and Mayflower
       N is for nose, noodles and net
       O is for octopus
       P is for poodle, pilgrim
       Q is for queen, quilt and q-tips
       R is for rail, rat and rockets

In math we added pages 12-15.  We added a new game in which the kids help identify which number I have removed from the number line.   We count how many times they can jump on the trampoline (we stop at 20 because they have endless energy).  We count when we played "Hide turkey hide".  We count to 5 slowly as we glue each item to our cornucopia of thanks.  We counted leaves, squares on the quilt and the pilgrim children in books.  We are making math a part of every day.

We learned some new songs and one of the parents asked me to post lyrics so they can help reinforce the songs so here goes:

A fingerplay chant - Five little leaves hanging from a tree, Along came a breeze and blew one free, The little leaf fell without a sound, There are four on the tree and one on the ground.  Four little leaves..........

Song to "London bridges" - All the leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.  All the leaves are falling down, It is fall.  Take a rake and rake them up.......     Make a pile and jump right in

Sung to "If you're happy and you know it"  Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble said the bird (Repeat) Mr. Turkey gobble gobbles and his tail goes wobble, wobble.  Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble said the bird.

Sung to "The Muffin Man"  Taken from Scholastic Calendar songs   "Oh the days are growing short, (hum end of line)Oh the days are growing short, Now that it's November.
We'll have a great Thanksgiving Feast (hum to end of phrase) We'll have a great thanksgiving feast On the last Thursday of November.  

In art we made scratch and sniff paint (when we were studying N is for nose). We made "I am grateful for....." turkeys. The kids added feathers and dictated to me what they were thankful for.  We made toilet paper roll indians and pilgrims for their tables.    We made pilgrim hats for our Thanksgiving feast.  We made cornucpias with pictures cut from magazines of their blessings.  We made a cute monkey when we studied the M sound.  We did leaf rubbings and studied the different shapes and sizes of leaves we collected on our grateful walk.  We made a quilt of paper squares on our classroom wall and then each child made their own quilt to be added to their alphabet book (which we will complete by Christmas).  We did an open ended paint project with Q tips.  I supplied the supplies and the kids supplied the enthusiasm and creativity.

Miss Cindy's preschool in western Ada county uses art, music, movement, free play, reading, writing and math fun to encourage young learners.


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