Saturday, September 28, 2013

September - A time for new beginnings

Even though it's fall and lots of people think of this time of year as an ending, it's the start of a new preschool year and for my students it's been a time of new skills, new friends, new knowledge and new routines.  Sometimes all those new things can be a little scary so our theme for September has been COURAGE!

Making new friends and caterpillars.
Looking for bugs and answers to all our questions.

To support our theme we read books like "First Day Jitters" and "Chrysanthemum".  We went on a "Bear Hunt" and spotted several ferocious ones, but "we weren't afraid".   We learned a new song about being brave.  It's sung to the tune of "Bingo" and the words area:
If you climb a tree even though it's high, 
Then you are being brave.
Then you are being brave.

If you try something new even though it's hard, 
Then you are being brave.
Then you are being brave.       
Ask your child to sing it to you.  They like to sing it with gusto!               
                                           Matching written letters to letter magnets.  They stick to the cookie tray!

We have also been working on letter sounds, names and shapes.  So far we've covered:
A is for apple and ants (We read "Apples, Apples, Apples" and "Apples A to Z")
B is for butterfly and brown bears (We read "Brown bear, brown bear" and "Once there was a caterpillar")
C is for caterpillars, corn, carrots (We read "The Very Hungry caterpillar" and "Ten Little Caterpillars")
D is for ducks and dots (We read "Make Way for Ducklings")

We've made art projects for each letter which are being compiled into an alphabet book.  They are so proud of their projects they always want to take them right home, so here's a little sneak peek.
B is for Butterfly!

We are also working on learning the names of our numbers.  This year I'm using a new DVD by Heidi Songs to help them remember numbers 0-10.  The kids love practicing.

We have also been working on practical skills and making an All About Me book which the kids will bring home this week to share with you.

   Looking for those ants we've been reading about!

 Learning to pour a cup of water.

                                                                                      Mastering a computer mouse.
   Getting all the pieces in the right places.

Listening to a story on tape.

Success! I put the puzzle together!

Peeling carrots is good for small motor control.....and it's fun!

We've also been learning the pledge of allegiance.  With someone to help I'll bet your little one can do quite a bit of it already. :)  They are all so bright and eager to learn.  The other day one of the little boys said, "Miss Cindy, I love to learn new things.  It makes me happy."  I agree and I'm lucky enough to learn new things along with the kids every day!  What a great beginning.

Using music, movement, play and art we learn phonics, math, literature and good social skills!

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