Saturday, November 14, 2015

September 2015 - A new school year begins!

My darling AM class came in confident, excited and enthusiastic!

The first day they began by finding their names and practicing writing skills!

Playing with play dough was a big hit too!

Story time seems to be a favorite for many of them.

They love building a town with roads, cars and  buildings!

Getting to "play" on the computer is fun too!

September's theme was courage!  We learned a new song which is sung to the tune of "Bingo".  The words are "If you climb a tree even though it's high then you are being brave. B-R-A-V-E, B-R-A-V-E, B-R-A-V-E then you are being brave!!  If you try something new even though it's hard then you are being brave......."  This is an original by Miss Cindy :)

They took this song to heart.  They wanted to do lots of things that were new and hard.  In the first month we learned letters Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd.  We learned their names, their shapes, the sounds they make, and lots of words that begin with those sounds. We began making an ABC book by adding a page for every new letter we learned.  We counted how many days were on the calendar and started learning the names of the days of the week.  We painted pictures and learned to use scissors and how to hold a pencil correctly.   We jumped on the trampoline and climbed on the play equipment, blew bubbles and drew with chalk during the beautiful month of September!

These are the cute kiddos in my PM class.

We are off to a great start!!!

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