Saturday, February 24, 2018

Follow their lead

I spend a lot of time planning what we do in preschool.  I try to take into account the needs of all the students and the objectives we're trying to accomplish.  And even though I've been teaching preschool for 8 years now, I find that I'm constantly looking for new and exciting ways of keeping kids engaged and excited about learning so yesterday was a reminder that sometimes I just need to be flexible and follow where the kids lead!

With the return of cold weather this week, sugar ants found their way into the preschool room.  I cleaned everything thoroughly and then I put down a few ant traps to stem the tide.  When the kids arrived I told them about the ants and asked them not to touch the traps.  Their initial reaction was "yuck bugs" and fear about being bitten.

But I pulled out the magnifying glasses from the cupboard and suddenly it was "ooooh it has lots of legs" and "look where it's going".

Some of the best lesson plans are the unwritten ones!

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