Thursday, March 1, 2018

Science is fun!

Earlier this week the kids were mixing colors in our water station.  They were figuring out that red + yellow = orange and red+blue = purple and blue + yellow = green.  They also figured out that enough colors added together makes brown. :)

This week we've been working on the letter V sound.  One of the students brought a Voltmeter to class for guessing can which was a huge hit with the morning class.  We colored a V is for Violin page for our ABC book.  I'll be sending these books home before Easter vacation!

We found out that pumice, which is one type of stone that comes from lava, floats!                                   
We used baking soda and red-colored vinegar to simulate a volcanic eruption.  I had the cutest video, but my blog won't let me upload it. :(

Then we made our own volcanoes!
It's been a fun week of exploring!

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