Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Talking points

Have you ever asked your child what they learned at school that day and gotten either the shrugged shoulders or the "I don't know?" response? Well to combat that I'll post "talking points" each week so that you can know what specific questions you can ask your child that will get them talking (hopefully with excitement) about what we learned in preschool.

Here's what's happening in preschool Sept. 14 and 16th:

1. We are continuing to learn about being courageous so we read "Little Quack" about a duckling nervous to leave his nest and on Thursday we'll read "Brave Irene".

2. We are reviewing the letter "A". We made an alligator with the afternoon class on Tuesday and did apple trees with both groups.

3. We began learning the letter "S" this week and made a page for our sound book (This will be sent home later this year when we've completed all the letter sounds.) with a painted snowman. We colored on the white board the objects that start with the sound of "S"( like starfish, sun, socks, square) and left blank the objects( like tree) that don't begin with the "s" sound. On Thursday, we'll be making a snake and spider to reinforce the "s" sound.

4. We count out loud for lots of things like holding the piece of tissue paper in place while the glue dries, or how many days we've come to school, or how many children are in our class, or how many jumps they do on the trampoline or how many ducklings were on the pages of "Little Quack".

5. We used play dough on Tuesday and will be introduced to math counting rods this Thursday.

6. They all love the guessing can and I'll be contacting each parent soon to let you know when your child will have an opportunity to bring something for the can.

I hope these talking points help trigger memories for your child so they can share more of what they are learning.

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