Saturday, September 25, 2010

Talking points Sept.21-23

This week the biggest news was I introduced the helpers wheel. To their credit, all the children want to help with everything....... all the time,....... so we have a wheel now, so they know what their "job" is. They might be a line leader, a snack helper, the weatherman, pledge leader or the guessing can helper. They were all very excited to see their names next to a job on the wheel! This might work for home chores too! :)

We also:

1. Learned the letter "T".
2. Made turkeys and turtles to remind us about the sound.
3. Read "Froggy learns to swim" and "Humpty, Dumpty climbs again" which were both about overcoming fears.
4. We learned a song about "Hercules" the turtle who wants to stay in his shell.
5. We practiced counting objects and made the bean project. Your child counted out his/her own beans and after I checked their counting he/she glued them to the paper.
6. We identified pictures that begin with the letters "T, S and A" and eliminated pictures that didn't have one of those beginning sounds. All of them are quickly identifying those sounds now.

Next week we'll be learning the two sounds for the letter "I" and finishing up our month on courage by hearing stories about Sacagawea. See you all then!

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