Friday, October 1, 2010

Talking points Sept 28-30

It was a fun and full week. We......

  • had the children start doing the guessing can. They were great and really enjoyed it.
  • learned the two sounds that "I" makes: i as in iguana and i as in ice cream cone.
  • made iguanas, igloos and ice cream cones.
  • went on a nature scavenger hunt in the backyard.
  • learned about Sacagawea's bravery.
  • read the book "The little old lady who wasn't afraid of anything".
  • painted impressionistic paintings of sunflowers, t-rexes and other items.
  • practiced writing our numbers 1-10 on special white boards that have the numbers dotted.
  • played the penny game.
  • played the egg carton game (putting the correct number of beans into each cup).
Remember next week we meet on Tuesday only as Meridian schools are on break next Thursday. Watch for an email with the guessing can schedule.

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