Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Talking points Oct. 5

October's theme is Imagination and Creativity. It's the perfect time to focus on those with the cooling temperatures, leaves falling, darker days and Halloween just around the corner . The kids loved the decorations that my daughter put up on the front porch and shared them with some of you at pick up or drop off time. They were all enthusiastic about the creativity games and activities that we did on Tuesday. It was a full day since we only meet once this week. Ask your child about:

  • the letter "N" sound. (We also reviewed S, T, I, and A)
  • his/her Halloween stamp paper (some turned them into lanterns)
  • his/her cereal necklace sponsored by the letter "N"
  • the story "It's not a box" (it's about a bunny that uses a box and his imagination)
  • the game "What would a pickle say?"
  • what was in the guessing can. (Nuts in the AM class and a nickel in the PM class. Thanks Moms for helping your child bring something with out letter!!)
  • the monster song.
  • making a "nest page" for our letter book and the stages of a chick hatching
I can hardly wait for next Tuesday! See you then.

Miss Cindy run an in-home preschool for 3 and 4-year-olds from Boise and Meridian, Idaho.

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