Friday, December 10, 2010

Alternate schedule for week of December 13-17

Remember we will be holding class on Wednesday (12/15) and Thursday(12/16) this week so our family can welcome home our missionary on Tuesday!

Here's what happened in preschool Dec. 7th and 9th! We:

  • learned the letter "B" sound as in bells, babies, balloons and blocks.
  • made another page for our alphabet book with paint and glitter.
  • made edible Christmas trees from ice cream cones, icing and candies.
  • played music with jingle bells and glasses filled with different levels of water.
  • made count-down-to-Christmas Santas.
  • read "The Night before Christmas", "With Love, at Christmas"(this one made me cry), "The Berenstain Bears learn to share" and "Little Racoon's One Big Question".
  • painted our salt dough ornaments (they will come home next week after the clear glossy sealant dries)
  • learned and sang "Ring, ring, ring the bells", "Guess Who's beard is Long and white?" and "Once there was a snowman"
  • played Christmas bingo

Miss Cindy uses music, movement, stories and art projects to prepare 3 and 4 year olds for kindergarten.

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