Friday, January 14, 2011

Talking points Jan. 11 & 13, 2011

This week we:
1. were learning the sound of the letter "o" so we
a. made an owl necklace from pasta, straws and cereal with a picture of an owl
b. made an octopus page for our alphabet book. We counted the eight legs.
c. sang "I love O words" and "Today we'll look for O's"

2. were learning about circles and ovals so we
a. made circles and ovals with our bodies
b. looked at objects and predicted which ones would roll (the circles do)
c. sang "Wheels on the Bus" and "Ring around the Rosie"
d. painted a picture of circles (PM class)
e. baked circle cookies
f. sat on an oval during circle time
g. used playdough to make circles and ovals

3. were learning to be responsible people who help others so we
a. read the "Little Red Hen" and acted like the hen by grinding wheat and baking our own bread
b. read "Just a Mess" in which little critter couldn't find his baseball mitt until he cleaned his room.
c. talked about what chores they have at home and school

I also added some new stations where the kids could choose working with clay, measuring volume with rice, matching puzzle pieces that have objects to count with the correct number and magnetic letters to practice making new words.

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