Saturday, March 22, 2014

January - Responsibility is the key

The theme for this month is Responsibility and here was our theme song.   They love doing this little rap and the scenarios that the main character talks about really stick with them.  I've heard them months later say "Remember to do a good job on your work.  No scribble, scrabble (our word for hurried work)".

Our letters for January were N is for necklace, nickels, newspapers and numbers
                                           O is for owls  (Remember we covered P back in November)

                                           Q is for quilt, q-tips and queen

January was cold, snowy and icy so we couldn't go outside much, but the highlight of our month was making and eating real SNOW cones!

We also learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I told the children stories from my own life where I saw racial problems and how my family dealt with them.  We read the book "First Biography:  Martin Luther King, Jr."  When the kids heard how the people marched for equality they wanted to try it too.

We've been learning sight words since the second week of school and you can see they are beginning to spot those words and be able to write them.

Using movement, music, singing and role playing helps to cement new concepts.

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