Saturday, March 22, 2014

November - At time for gratitude

The theme was gratitude for the whole month and each week we focused on a few things that we were especially grateful for.
Week 1 - We are grateful for animals.  We were learning K is for Kangaroo so we made these cuties.
I got the idea from    There is a cute story that goes with it and the kids loved acting it out on our puppet stage.  We started out gratitude book which we added to throughout the month.  The kids chose their favorite animals to put on a collage page about animals.  They also learned about animal biomes.  We read "Grover's Book of Cute Baby Animals".  We learned the song "Please and thank you, please and thank you, It's what we say, It's what we say, We are very thankful, We are very thankful, Everyday, everyday".  It's sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.  We played animal games online from

Week 2 - We are grateful for family and friends.  Our letter of the week is I is for Igloo.  We talked about being grateful for our homes.
We added three pages to our grateful book this week because we also spoke about the freedoms of our country since the following Monday was Veteran's day.  

Week 3 - We are grateful for food.  Our letter of the week is P is for Pilgrim.  We read "This is the Feast", "The Very First Thanksgiving Feast" and "Who will carve the turkey".  We sang a song about a turkey to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle.  The words are "Turkey, turkey look at you, please be careful what you do, Thanksgiving day will soon be here, We eat turkey every year, Go and hide out in the woods, We'll eat pizza like we should."  We literally counted our blessings and other Thanksgiving objects.
And even though we sang about eating pizza we had a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

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