Thursday, April 4, 2013

February 2013 - Groundhogs, Valentines and President's Day

In February our overall theme was Friendship but there were lots of other things to learn and talk about.

Books we read - "10 Grouchy Groundhogs", "Happy Valentines Day, Mouse", "I love you stinky face", "I love you forever", "A Pocket full of Kisses", "The Day it rained Hearts", "Construction Zone", and "At the Supermarket".

We learned a new song,  "Won't you be my valentine? Valentine? Valentine?  Won't you be my Valentine, Be a Friend of Mine." (London Bridges tune) and we worked on our "ABC sounds" song.  Original music but the lyrics are "1,2,3,4, when we learn these sounds you'll see, ready to read then we will be aa (short sound of the letter)  apple, b b ball, c c cat and dd doll, e e egg and f f fan, g g goat and h h hand"  You get the idea and you'll hear us sing it at graduation.

Just before Groundhog day we learned about Puxatony Phil and we predicted whether he would see his shadow.  We made shadow animals on the walls of our preschool and played flashlight tag.  We crawled through tunnels like a groundhog.

To celebrate Valentine's day we did rubbings of sand paper hearts, decorated foam door hangers with stickers and foam shapes, practiced writing "I love you", did a Valentine's color by number picture, decorated mailboxes, made pasta friendship bracelets, counted and sorted conversation hearts and had a party with treats, games and valentine exchanges.

We also learned about George Washington just before President's Day.  We made a cherry tree by painting the trunk and then glueing leaves and cherries on it.  We introduced our first digraph "Ch" is for the cherry tree.

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