Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 2013 - Joy of Spring, Community workers, St. Patrick's Day and Easter

Wow!  March was a full month!  We continued our study about community workers by focusing on firefighters.  We reviewed the letter "F" for firefighter and did a letter search for the letter "F".  We made a picture of a house with a tissue paper fire and a firefighter beside it.  We practiced stop, drop and roll and crawling around the house on our bellies to escape the smoke if there was a fire.  (If you haven't already, you might want to talk about your family's fire escape plan and practice it.) We read the book "Flat Stanley and the Fire House" and then each child was sent home a few weeks later with their own copy of the book. Then we visited the fire station on McMillan where Chris and others helped to show us around.  They even sent the kids home with their own firefighter hats and badges.

We continued learning about other community workers like farmers, teachers and policeman and we made paper doll of some of these.

Next we transitioned into talking about signs of spring and we prepared for St. Patrick's Day.  Anytime I said "leprechaun" the kids jumped up and did an Irish jig.  They loved catching me saying the word.  We built a leprechaun trap and baited it with Lucky charms cereal, but he was too fast and escaped.  He did leave a note saying he wouldn't give us his gold, but that he might play tricks......which he did.  He turned the water in our toilet green.  The boys said it's because leprechauns "pee" green.  Later when our vanilla milkshakes turned green at snack time, the girls worried aloud if the leprechaun had peed in them.  I assured them that green was a leprechauns favorite color and that was the reason the shakes turned green.  We also made leprechaun book marks and read "St Patrick's Day" and "Jack the Leprechaun".  We baked Irish Soda bread. Everyone helped and it was yummy!

Green Milkshake Mustaches!!

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