Thursday, April 4, 2013

January 2013 - Snow and the Solar system

January was really cold and there was plenty of snow so we did units on "Signs of Winter"  and "Snow".  We painted the snow outside with water bottles filled with colored water, made snowflakes inside with paper, glue and glitter and brought snow inside the classroom by the bucket full.  We predicted what would happen to the snow inside and what would be left behind.  (In case you're wondering our snow was fairly dry in January and 1 bucket of snow turned into 1/2 bucket of water.)  We talked about where animals go during the winter and the clothing we need to wear during cold weather.

We read books like "The Magical Snowman", "Hibernation Station" and "The Snowy Day."  Because our overall theme for the month was RESPONSIBILITY we also read "I am responsible", "All by Myself", "It's milking time", "When I grow up", "Just a Mess" and "I was so mad".

Next we left the cold of earth behind and had a unit on the "Solar System".  We made a mobile of the planets, reviewed the letters P for planets, S for Solar System, A for Astronaut and M for Moon.  We traveled with Mrs. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus to our solar system, painted pictures of the sun and sang songs like "Zoom, zoom, zoom, We're going to the moon (repeat) If you'd like to take a trip, climb aboard my rocket ship, zoom, zoom, zoom"  sung to Three Blind Mice.  We also learned the "Responsibility" song.  Lyrics are "Come on do what you're supposed to do, responsibility is following through" (repeat twice).  We found this on Youtube.

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